Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Girls Like Us Review

*This book was given to me by the publisher to give an honest review in return.*

Rating: 5 stars
Review: Can I just say Wow?! This novel is a coming-of-age, family book. This book is well written and has 4 different points of view. The characters were well developed, showed their uniqueness and told the readers how they felt about being pregnant because each story was different. There was one character who wasn't pregnant but she was a sister to a girl who was pregnant which showed us how she felt about it and the struggles she had to go through to help her sister. The plot was well structured and flowed throughout the book. At first, I thought the chapters were too long and needed to be shorted but as the story went it was perfect as it was. The author, Randi Pink, did an incredible job of showing how teen pregnancies are hard and that family matters. She tells us how it is hard to hide and that teen girls shouldn't be afraid. This book showed positivity and there aren't many books out there that are written like this. I was hooked from page one and would most likely be reading more of Randi Pink's books in the future.

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