Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The Surface Breaks Review

*Book Review*
**Given to me by the publisher to do an honest review.**
Title: The Surface Breaks
Author: Louis O’Neill
Rating: 5 ⭐️ 
Review: I FINISHED THIS IN ONE DAY!!! That’s how good this book was. I really loved the story especially because it was The Little Mermaid retelling. I love to read fantasy retellings to see the similarities and differences. This book was really good and the plot was well structured. I read this in one sitting which I usually don’t do and I couldn’t stop flipping the pages because it was that good. The sentences were well structured and brought in a lot of details for the readers to think and imagine. At first, I thought it was going to be boring because it turned out that the main character had instant love which I hate in books but then the ending blew my mind up. When there were 20 pages left I thought it was going to have a major cliffhanger which means it would be a series but I don’t think this is a series. My favorite character was the Sea Witch because she was understanding and so much more. READ THIS BOOK!!!

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